Brand Story

Greycoat Research helps cats enjoy healthier and longer lives by allowing them to overcome feline kidney disease.

No matter what else they live through, all cats are ultimately fated to succumb to feline kidney disease.

In other words, if cats can overcome feline kidney disease, they can live a long, healthy, and happy life all the way to the ripe old age of 30.

Can feline kidney disease be overcome?

Greycoat Research believes a clue can be found in the AIM protein.

The AIM protein was first discovered by Japan’s Dr. Miyazaki Toru.
The protein serves as a marker that assists in the cleanup of waste within the body.

However, cats are born with inherently lower AIM activation rates than other animals, making them more susceptible to kidney disease.
Based on these facts, Dr. Miyazaki Toru was able to uncover the mechanism behind feline kidney disease, which had long remained an unsolvable mystery.

Furthermore, Dr. Miyazaki Toru and Greycoat Research determined that triggering the activation of the AIM in a cat’s body could prevent it from developing feline kidney disease or, in the case of cats already suffering from kidney disease, allow the disease to be managed more safely.

Based on these findings, Greycoat Research is now focusing on the development of drugs and supplements to help treat and manage feline kidney disease.