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Can I feed the supplements to my dog?

Dr. Toru Protocol can be given to dogs. Please make sure to provide them with the recommended dose based on their weight.

What’s the recommended daily dose for my cat’s weight?

Under 4 kg - 1 capsule a day
4 kg and over - 2 capsules a day
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Can I give the supplements to my cat if they’re already taking other supplements?

The main ingredient of Dr. Toru Protocol is an amino acid complex. As such, it can be administered alongside other supplements.

Will the supplement have a negative effect on my cat’s liver?

Dr. Toru Protocol does not have an adverse effect on the liver. As such, it can be administered without the need for a resting phase.

Can I feed the supplements to my cat if they’re already healthy?

Dr. Toru Protocol can have a beneficial effect on your cat’s energy and immunity levels. As such, it can enhance the health of cats who are already healthy as well. We recommend giving Dr. Toru Protocol to cats ages 1 and up.

What’s the expiration date of the product?

The expiration date of the supplements is 2 years from their production.

What is the main ingredient of the product?

Dr. Toru Protocol is primarily composed of an amino acid complex and coenzyme Q10. If your cat is already taking supplements that contain amino acid, please contact us for a consultation on the recommended dose for your cat.

I have a question that’s not included in the FAQ!

If your cat is currently taking many other supplements, and you have questions regarding their compatibility with Dr. Toru Protocol, please click on the Contact Us tab and enter the following information so we can better assist you and provide you with an accurate answer.
- Your cat’s health, blood test results, what supplements your cat is currently taking, any existing complications, etc.